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P is for Plaid.

BlogSuzanne Smith

Hey there, fashion lovers! One trend we notice coming back fall after fall is PLAID. Plaid flannels, dresses, scarves, blankets ... you name it, there's a plaid for it. And every year we can't wait to get the newest plaid pieces in the shop so we can add to our collection. We think we've figured out why plaid keeps making a comeback. Not only does this pattern bring a festive feel to the season, but it's also very practical. Fall clothing is all about layering – and plaid scarves, button ups and flannels make layering easy peasy. Plaid makes even your most basic of wardrobe basics ... not!

Wondering how to best wear it? Well, plaid patterns can go underneath or over-top. You can wear a lot of it, or just a touch. And plaid comes in so many lovely variations! Just pick your favorite(s) and go...it really is one of the most versatile patterns ever.

Because we love it so much, we decided to take our favorite pieces featuring plaid patterns and venture out to some of our favorite fall destinations. What do you think? Are you on the plaid wagon this fall? Come see us soon if you just need plaid!

📷 credit: Urban B Photography