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A new store and a new season for Posh Boutique.

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This has been quite a summer for those of us that call Posh ‘home.’ Not only have we been as busy as ever in our Sioux Falls shop, we’ve also been busy bees working away at our new boutique that opens in August in Rochester, MN. We thought it would be fun to share some thoughts from Jenny and Becky on the new store, and how it all came about.

What made you decide to open a second shop in Rochester?

First of all, Sioux Falls has been SUCH a blessing, and we’ve enjoyed our jobs so much. We have met customers who not only supported us and our passion, but became our friends. We’ve matured our brand in the last 7 years, and it was time for a new challenge. We are very excited about Rochester, because we feel it has many qualities that are similar to Sioux Falls. It has a vibrant downtown and draws people from many surrounding communities. We love that Rochester has all the amenities of a city, but still has a small town feel.

What’s your favorite part of opening a new store?

In the beginning, it’s all about the excitement of getting the doors open. We’d compare it to Christmas, as we work toward getting set up and decorated for the opening. We get to open TONS of boxes of brand new clothes and get them ready to display. Who wouldn’t like that part? Then, once the doors are open - it’s all about the thrill of meeting people in the community and building relationships. We love that part the most - seeing customers leave our store happy because they were able to find something they love, something that makes them feel good.

What unique things are you hoping to offer women in Rochester?

We plan to bring a style that makes customers feel their best. Our clothing lines are unique and many times, exclusive to our store. We carry multiple premium denim lines - so we can find just the right fit for each customer. At the end of the day, we want each person who comes in our door to know they are going to get a fun experience and great service, along with the latest fashions.

What are you most looking forward to as you join the Rochester community? (from Suzanne: New store manager in Rochester)

Moving to Rochester involves a lot of changes in my life: a new job, a new city, even a new house! All of which I’m extremely eager for. I feel like I’m at the beginning of something great. I am looking forward to discovering the Rochester community and what it has to offer...but one of the most exciting things for me is sharing Posh Boutique with Rochester! After working at Posh in Sioux Falls for 5 years, I know the same treasured relationships, incredible style, and unique perspective on lifestyle will find a place here too. I can’t wait to get started.

Fall is coming soon! Do you have any hints for us about which trends are expected to be big in the coming season?

There should be a real 70s vibe continuing into fall - chunky knits, plaids, fringe, flare denims and boho silhouettes. The trend is more refined and updated, obviously, but look for it to be a fun season for fashion!