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GAME ON: Your guide to Superbowl fashion

BlogBecky Wiswall

It’s one of the only things we look forward to this month - the BIG game. Whether you go for the halftime show, the commercials or (gasp!) the game itself, you’re probably wondering what everyone will be wearing when you gather. There are a couple of schools of thought about Superbowl fashion – one is that you deck yourself head-to-toe in team colors, and throw all other fashion rules out the door. If this is your plan, don’t let us spoil it for you. We’re not here to take away team pride, especially if the Patriots or the Seahawks are your faves.

We ARE here for those of you who fall on the football fence. You watch every once in awhile. You think Tom Brady is kind of cute. You don’t know anything about deflated balls (google it). But cute clothing? Heck, yeah!



Luckily, this year’s teams have a lot in common, fashion-wise. They share the color palette of navy, white, and silver. Which means there are a lot of ways you could go with your outfit. We’ve put together three fun mix-and-match options. They’re subtle, but you’ll still feel sporty.

Shown above, left to right:

Outfit 1: Magazine top, $36 Scarf, $30

Outfit 2: LA Made top, $94 Scarf, $27

Outfit 3: Wooden Ships sweater, $105 Lumiere top, $35 Necklace, $18


If you are rooting specifically for the patriots, think about small red accents. This leather bracelet from Goodwork(s) complements the navy/white/grey theme perfectly.

Shown above:

Esley Blazer, $64 Lumiere top, $34 Joe’s jeans, $181 Goodwork(s) bracelet, $44 Clutch, $41


Superbowl_Sea hawks

Seahawks, anyone? Show your love with the seafoam scarf and mint clutch, which also work well within a neutral palette.

 Shown above:

Splendid top, $88 Paige jeans, $170 Scarf, $27 Clutch, S47 Earrings, $14

The only other rule of the day is to laugh with the gang, cheer a little bit, and thank goodness that there are only 47 days until spring arrives!