Posh Boutique

Real Life Posh: Jaymi Bader


JAYMIThis week, we were very honored to meet Jaymi Bader, the winner of our October 'Posh Goes Pink' outfit giveaway. Jaymi came to the shop with her friend Stacey, one of several friends who nominated her as a survivor of cancer. First off, we have LOTS of merchandise in the shop right now! So Jaymi was able to try on quite a few things in her search for the perfect outfit. Her Joe's jeans were the first thing she tried on, and they were the 'keepers' in the end. She topped it off with a cute sweater, Nikki Bikki cami (those are magic) and of course a pop of color with a fun red bag.

Along the way, we asked Jaymi a few questions about her cancer journey. Her diagnosis came in May 2010, when she was 28 years old. Four years later, she's endured multiple surgeries, chemo, radiation and most recently a fight with Stage 4 cancer in her spine.

It's kind of hard to imagine good things coming out of such a story, but Jaymi is thankful for the lifelong survivors she has met who've become friends along the way. She says she doesn't 'sweat the little stuff' anymore, and tries to keep a positive attitude because it's something she CAN control.

We wish we could say that this gift was in honor of a completed battle, but unfortunately cancer often comes with a diagnosis that is not so simple. Jaymi has fought cancer multiple times. We admire her spirit, and also admire her courage to face whatever may lie ahead. Life is complicated to say the least, and her attitude is one of hope, positivity and a desire to raise awareness and support for others. Jaymi, thanks for being YOU.