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Make It Work.


Sigh. Work. It's pretty much a necessary part of life. The good part about work is that you get to have a cute wardrobe dedicated to it. At Posh, we have some thoughts about work wear. Here are a few of the things running through our minds, as we head back indoors for the fall workplace. Draw Attention in a Good Way. We all know the stereotypes of how to get ahead in the work place. Don't fall for those. The reality is, it's GOOD to draw attention to yourself, but be strategic about it. Play nice. Play smart. Play like you mean business. If you think about it, most people are drawn to things that are visually appealing. When it comes to work wear, a dramatic 'pop' of color can point people to who you are and what you're about. We like this red dress by Everly. It's simple, polished, and makes a statement in a professional way.

STANDOUTDress by Everly $59 Purse by Urban Expressions $79 Earrings $14

Smart Style. Some days, it feels like yoga pants are just a good idea. The reality is, LOOKING GOOD makes you feel better on those kinds of days. And dressing for work can be as easy as putting on a pair of your favorite comfies. If you are unsure about how to use color, neutrals are always a safe bet. You can still portray confidence and an up-to-date attitude, especially with graphic patterns like this dress by Esley. Pair it with gold (this season's best bet for metals) and a couple of taupe accessories. That's called smart with a side of stylish.

blackdressDress by Everly $63 Clutch $41 Belt $14 Earrings $12

Home and Business Combined. So, you work from home, eh? Lucky you! You might be tempted at first to just dress down, because nobody is going to see you anyway. However, YOU see you. And if you want to feel like the professional that you are, dressing well for the work day is a good plan. Plus, you never know when you'll run into that perfect 'next client' at the grocery store :) Keep your closet stocked with cute and easy basics like these simple black leggings by Sanctuary and a flowing, pretty top by Eight Sixty. Then get to work.

WORKFROMHOMETop by Eight Sixty $81 Moto Leggings by Sanctuary $82 Bracelets $14 Earrings $14

Knock 'Em Dead. Finally - every once in awhile, you just need to knock it out of the park. If you have a big meeting, or just a big reason to impress, the perfect dress is the perfect choice. This fitted yet classic black and tweed dress by Esley is so versatile, and looks like a million bucks. Add the electric blue clutch for a little bit of drama, and you're for sure on the fast track to style success in the workplace.

POLISHEDDress by Esley $72 Clutch $45 Earrings $14

Wondering about 'making it work' for you with a new fall wardrobe? Stop into the shop, and we'll be glad to help you a little or a lot. Dressing you for your work day is one of the best parts of fall for us!