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One weekend, Two ways.


Hello, summer! Even though it seems like the days are flying by, there are still quite a few summer weekends remaining. It's not too late to throw some Posh goodies in your suitcase, and hit the open road! Here are a couple of ideas to keep in mind, if you need a weekend away:

1st: Weekend at the Water.

Whether it's a quick picnic at the Falls, or a camping getaway with a few friends, summer is made for spending time at the water. We've got just the perfect look, shown below on Suzy.

Summer tunic from Allen Allen: $59 Fedora: $18

photo 4

2nd: Roadtrip Weekend.

You've been busy, so sometimes you just need to grab a couple of good friends, get in the car and see where the road leads! For times like these, be spontaneous and flexible in dressing. Haley is shown below wearing some great options for THE roadtrip of all roadtrips.

Xander Tee from Ella Moss: $98 Blue Clutch: $45

photo 3

What are you spending your weekends doing? We hope you have just the right Posh style! Stop in anytime and check out our remaining summer items.