Posh Boutique

Wish and win.


wishandwin_1 What are you wishing for? Spring? Sunshine? New shoes?

We want to know what you 'wish' for. Thru March, fill out our Posh Wishlist either in the store or online, and get registered to win $100 toward your new spring wardrobe!

The Posh Wishlist is a way for us to keep up-to-date on your fashion preferences. It's quick and easy to fill out, and hopefully a little bit fun to do! We'll keep your personalized wishlist on file, and take notes about the things that work best for your personality and your body when you shop at Posh.

PS. Of course, all wishlists are kept confidential and secret. Unless you send your significant other in to shop for a gift, because then we'll pull out the wishlist and make it happen, just as you wish.

Contest ends March 29th.

Wishlist can be downloaded below!