Posh Boutique

Winter Survival Guide: The Posh Version


If you are a midwesterner like us, you have probably been feeling the effects of what seems like a *very* long winter. After the holidays especially, it can be a little depressing to hibernate in our houses, waiting for sunshine and warmth again. There are lots of things to do in order to make the long winter more painless, though. Here are a couple of tips for winter survival, the Posh way!


TRY A NEW COLOR. Winter is a good time to experiment with color, because color has been known to enhance your mood! You might want to try wearing a warm color like this muted coral in our sweater by Free People. The soft feel of french terry against your skin (and the teeniest bit of ALPACA in the blend!) make it a perfect choice for a good book, the fireplace, and hot cocoa while you wait out the storm.


LAYERING 101. At Posh, we believe in layering all year round. Layers don't have to be bulky and uncomfortable, and they don't always have to be patternless (this leopard cami by Nikibiki is a great example). Learn to use layers no matter WHAT the temp outside is, and you'll feel more stylish. We're layering specialists - if you're unsure, just ask us what would work best for your look!


THINK SKINNY. No, you don't have to starve yourself. But now is a good time to implement your plans for the best 'you' around - the one who feels comfortable in her own skin, no matter what the scale says. And nothing says 'I like me' more than a great fitting pair of premium denim (like the Paige Skyline Skinny shown above) - because it FEELS like your second skin. Oh, and a nice kale salad every now and then doesn't hurt, either... :-)


TAKE FLIGHT. Okay, if all else fails, you might have to actually get outta town. It's not too late to check out a cheap flight, pack your suitcase with something flirty and fun like this cute open-sleeve dress, and leave your troubles (and the negative temps) behind. If you've already got plans for a warm vacation, all we can say is 'take us with you!'