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What's Trending This Season: Aztec Inspired Fashion


aztec Among the hottest trends this fall is the Aztec inspiration that's popping up in a major way. In case you were sleeping through history class, here are a couple things about the Aztecs that would be good for you to know.

1 - The Aztecs had an empire. They were kind of important for about 200 years. They populated parts of Central Mexico starting in the 1400s, and were a very advanced and unique civilization for their time.

2 - The Aztecs were architects. This relates directly to the fashion of 2013, which is generally geometric and highly structured. When you're wearing Aztec inspired clothing, be careful not to overdo. One cute 'pop' of this kind of bold pattern is probably enough to pull off a look.

3 - The Aztecs were colorful people, and Aztec inspired clothing doesn't shy away from color, either. Palettes can range from contrasty black and white to shades of deep coral, turquoise or mustard. These bold palettes enhance the overall geometry of the Aztec look, and will get you noticed!