Posh Boutique

Making the Cut

How denim is ‘cut’ is a major cue for shoppers. Many women tend to find a cut that works best for them, and repeat it often! At Posh, much of our premium denim falls into four major categories: bootcut, straight, skinny, and cropped. Finding what works best for you is really not that difficult! Here are a few things to remember…

Bootcut: Just like it sounds, this is denim designed to fit over a pair of boots. The leg is fairly straight all the way down, with a slight flare at the bottom. Best body types for bootcut denim: many figures, especially tall or curvy ones, can wear bootcuts. They tend to look better on someone who has something in the ‘hip’ department to balance out the slight flare.

Straight: Straight legs are perhaps the most versatile of all denim styles. They can be dressed up or down by wearing flat shoes or heels, and will provide length to the leg in most scenarios. Best body types for straight legs: all body types can look fab in a straight leg! Curvier women sometimes find this cut more flattering than a skinny denim, but with similar results.

Skinny: One of the best things about skinny denim options is that they make your legs look longer. They add femininity and definition to the body shape. And of course, skinny jeans work great tucked into boots! Best body types for skinny denim: almost anyone, as long as the proportions are correct. Curvier women will want to balance off their skinny denim with more volume on top. Skinnies will accentuate the curves for women with straighter figures.

Cropped: Crops are ‘in’ and very fun to wear! They look best when they hit just below the widest part of your calf. Best body types for crop legged denim: straighter figures, and average to taller women look best in cropped denim. If you are petite and want to wear a cropped look, be sure to keep colors similar from neckline to shoe (in order to lengthen your lines) or consider wearing an open shoe, which will help to visually lengthen your legs.

Sizing It Up

After you’ve figured out which ‘cut’ works for you, there are a few ways to figure out how to get the right fit.

Tighten Up: Remember that denim will keep on stretching throughout the day. It’s better to buy denim a little bit snug, and wait for it to fit PERFECTLY after you've been wearing it awhile!

The Bend Test: Denim should never feel too restrictive; it’s meant to be a comfortable fashion. After you try on your jeans, walk around a little bit, and bend over from the waist to touch your toes. If you feel too many tugs and pulls, it may be better to try another pair.

Booty Check: Make sure you check yourself out from the rear – whether by bringing a friend along with you when you shop, or asking our very helpful store assistants! If you’re shopping online, just send us a picture, and we’ll be more than glad to help guide you to a great rear view!

Premium Picks: Denim is a quality investment. If you want to look good AND feel comfortable, then premium denim brands are the best possible choice to make, and worth every penny! We believe in our brands!

After the Purchase

You’ve got your new pair of premium denim, and it looks and feels great! NOW what? Denim is very user-friendly, as long as you keep these few simple guidelines in mind:


  • Turn your denim inside out before washing. This ensures that the color/wash of your denim is preserved for a longer period of time.
  • Wash on ‘delicate’ cycle or in cool water. Denim washes easily, and heat can cause your denim to shrink.
  • Dry flat, or hang upside down to dry. If you must use the dryer, set to lowest heat cycle.
  • Take them to the cleaners! Denim dry cleans well, especially in dark wash versions.


  • Wash in hot water, or dry completely in the dryer.
  • Wash every time you wear! Denim can take a couple of wearings before you wash in most instances, and will last longer if you wait between washes.